Urban Street Grill

Korean BBQ on Wheels

When executed well, fusion cuisine is a thing of beauty. That being said, the flavorful food at Urban Street Grill is a beautiful intersection of Korean and Mexican cuisine. Established in 2013 in Greensboro, NC, Urban Street Grill is one of the most beloved food trucks in the state. The Korean BBQ food truck covers several corners of the NC Triad area weekly. The owner and chef of Urban Street Grill, Eric James, bought the truck from his friend, who is Korean. James’s friend taught him how to make Korean food, and James fell in love with the cuisine. “We wanted to make delicious food, and still make it affordable for everyone. That’s kind of where the tacos and burritos began,” says James.

The menu features three main categories: tacos, rice bowls, and burritos. Four proteins reign supreme in each category: ribeye bulgogi, spicy pork, ginger chicken, and tofu. A spicy salsa roja accompanies the bulgogi and pork dishes, and a citrus-ginger salsa verde enhances the chicken and tofu. All rice bowls are served with kimchi fried rice, house-pickled red onions, avocado, and an over-easy fried egg. The burritos and tacos are similarly crafted with refreshing condiments.

Urban Street Grill is known for its bulgogi cheesesteak: tender bulgogi dressed in cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeños, house-pickled cucumbers, and sesame soy lettuce and cabbage. The toasted hoagie roll is a perfect vehicle for this satisfying sandwich.

Periodically, Urban Street Grill will feature limited-edition menu items. The kimchi dog is a unicorn: it makes a brief appearance on the menu from time to time, so if you’re lucky enough to snag one, consider yourself fortunate. The hot dog includes an all-beef frank, braised short rib chili, kimchi slaw, Sriracha, and cheese.

When asked for the motivation behind investing in a food truck versus a brick-and-mortar restaurant, James commented on the element of flexibility. A food truck allows them to “make our own schedule around our lives instead of shaping our lives around the work.” Even so, James noted that the work/life balance is challenging to maintain, as there’s always the allure of saying ‘yes’ to just one more event, one more vendor. Regardless, Urban Street Grill is fueled by its love for feeding hungry visitors, positive feedback from customers, and the recognition of the community.

Urban Street Grill posts its weekly schedule online each Monday. Check them out on Instagram or Facebook to see when they’ll be at a location near you!



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