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Fearless Female Entrepreneurs in the Triad

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2 min readNov 4, 2021


What happens when a group of female entrepreneurs get together? The answer: incredible things. Established in the summer of 2021, Girls Gather Triad is comprised of seventeen (and counting) female-owned/led businesses. From prettily plated charcuterie boards to European-inspired clothing, the women in this network share a heart for the NC Triad area. Founded by Luiza Holland, Dina Shihab, and Maddie Flowers, many female-led business have been enveloped into the GGT fold. While some businesses have been established for several years, others sprouted during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

“Our idea is to put together events that other businesses can join,” says Luiza Holland, owner of Wanderlust Boards and one of the three founders of Girls Gather Triad. Their first event took place at Joymongers (Greensboro location) in late September 2021, and their following event was held at Oden Brewing. In November, Girls Gather Triad will host a “Women In Business” networking event where women looking to network and connect can meet.

Learn more about the business that make up Girls Gather Triad below (Also, consider this list as your local holiday gift guide!)





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